QueryTree helps people understand what’s going on with their product or marketing

It’s the simple, secure, and straightforward way to dive into your data, ask complex questions, and share insights across your organization - no developer or code needed.

Make your data work for you. Start your 14-day free trial of QueryTree, no credit card required:

😱 Turn gibberish like this:

😃 into valuable insights like this:

All in a couple of minutes, with zero code and no developer.

"Instead of creating tickets or asking developers to build reports for me I’m diving into my own data and creating reports and visualizations ridiculously fast.”

- Ria, Founder

What you can expect

Once you’ve created your account you get full access to QueryTree’s features for 14 days.

That means you can connect your own database, create, schedule and share unlimited reports, and invite as many team members as you like.

Security is a priority

QueryTree uses strong SSL encryption and simply needs read-only access to your database: you can't change or delete data in your database from QueryTree.

You can set different user permissions for invited team members, stopping any accidental changes to existing reports you’ve set up.

Create your own actionable insights

Waiting on other departments and people costs you time and stops you from moving forward with your own goals.

QueryTree removes your developer data dependency.

“I can create a report and visualizations and share it with the whole product team, the marketing team, and my managers in less than five minutes.”

- Shawn, Product Manager